Thursday, 30 May 2013

D.I.Y Disco Pants. (Shanice)

So this is just a post with the different steps it took me to transform a pair of neglected dance pants into a much wanted pair of DISCO PANTS!! Do you wanna know how I did it? Well keep your eye balls on this page haha.

Just one small thing I almost forgot to say is that, there are probably better ways of doing this but I just chose to do it this way.

I snipped off the excess fabric on both legs, turned the pants inside out, so now it's ready to wear!

So that's what the disco pants look like on. I have to say that these are a little bit big for me; on the legs slightly, but mainly on the thigh area. Also between the hips and waist is loose. I would say that these pants are a size 12 so that's probably why. But it's not too big of a problem.

But I do really like the sheen of the fabric (although in the picture it looks matte) and the way it makes my legs look slightly slimmer and I'm a sucker for high waisted! I'm quite pleased with the end result. I've got a pair of disco pants :)


Thursday, 9 May 2013

90's Preppy Chick Twist (shanice)

Denim Jacket - £3 + D.I.Y
'Read All About It' Crop Top - D.I.Y
Skirt - Topshop £10
Baseball Socks - Topshop NY $14
Both Earrings - Topshop

So on Bank Holiday Monday, my sister and I set out on our quest to look for a new skate park - Yes i'm making it sound more interesting than it was. So we eventually found it and we decided to take some snaps for a new post as well as skating around a little bit.
 Better yet the weather has been getting sunnier and hotter so I thought i'd showcase my the new crop top that I made on the weekend!
I'm addicted to making things! I need to mellow down a bit until the long-lost summer holidays begin.

I'll post all the recent clothing D.I.Ys soon'ish. I know I keep promising but ahh I will!

Big thanks to my sister that takes most of my photos, you're the best! xx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Row Back with The Beatles (Shanice)

Varsity Jacket
- £7 New Look
Beatles Muscle Tee - D.I.Y
Jeans - £18 Vintage Store
Shoes - New Look
Bandanna - NYC

Hey y'all!
I swear, this Varsity Jacket is just amazing! I scored this bad boy at New Look for ONLY £7!! I was just gob-smacked. It was in the sale rack with a few dirt marks on the sleeve, and without tags so the manager sold it to me extremely cheap. I would say she hooked me up. And it's faux leather sleeves make it even more amazing! Ahhh I cannot stress enough how pleased I am. I'm truly blessed haha.... Let me stop now.

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Have a lovely weekend xx