Friday, 1 November 2013

Sent from Mars for Hallloween (Shanice)

Metallic Leopard Print Two Piece - D.I.Y
Dragon Ear Cuff - eBay £2
Baseball Socks - Topshop
Trainers - Air Force 1's
Face Gems / Bindi's - Queens Market

SO you've probably guessed that I'm a martian/ alien along the lines of Star Wars or some sort of Sci-Fi series/ film - It was supposed to be obvious. And this is what I wore when I landed at a party.
It was funny how people in the area were staring at me, but yeah whatever haha.

To complete the whole shiny alien theme I decided to add the ear cuff that looked pretty similar to some sort of space junk and little Asian bindi's, I think it looked pretty cute. I thought that my attempt of the winged eye liner was effective for the look as well.

But I had tonnes of fun last night, it was my first Halloween party, definitely wanna do it again next year

Monday, 28 October 2013


So this has to be the first joint post that Yvonne and I have done in like months! We are just terrible regarding timing because we've been super busy with coursework... well I have anyway. 
But I guess it's better late than never right?
More posts to come this week so keep on checking up!

Yvonne's Outfit:
Top - Asos
Dungarees - bitching and junk food
Boots - dm's
Chain - eBay

Shanice's Outfit:
Top - T.K. Maxx (poof)
Jeans - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Lee
Necklaces - Vintage
Belt - New Look

Friday, 4 October 2013

E.D.G.E (Shanice)

Top - D.I.Y
Distressed Jeans - D.I.Y
Leather Biker Jacket - New Look £29.99
Coltrane Dupes (CELESTE Boots) - Linzi £35
Jacquard Ribbon Choker Necklace - D.I.Y
Medallion Necklace - eBay £10

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Late Birthday Haul (Shanice)

This is really late... its been like a few days over a month since my birthday and I only now just came to pulling together this birthday haul post. Its just some of the gifts and stuff I bought with my birthday-dough that some people have asked me to share so here it is.
Any questions comment them below!

..and I did get these lovely perfume and body spray sets too and a bracelet that Yvonne got custom made for me which I forgot to include in the pictures. Sorry! 

1. Stretchy Gold Chain Belt - £4.99 New Look (I made it much smaller though)
I was silly and got the completely wrong size (M/L) so I had to sew and cut off about 10 inches or more. But I am literally IN LOVE with this belt! It really adds so much to my outfits. If you go to New Look check out this belt!

2. Daisy Chain Bracelet - SALE £2.50 Topshop

3. Silver Triangle Necklace - SALE £3 River Island

4. 3 Lion Head Gold Chain - eBay £10 (here)
I'm actually pretty happy that i bought this necklace, it's a great statement necklace and its a close dupe of Versace!. I'm going to be careful on how much I wear this as it's not real gold, it will eventually change colour if I wear it too much which sucks.

5.  Mood Stud Earrings - SALE £3.50 Topshop

6. Black Choker Chain - SALE £2 River Island 
I actually wear this almost everyday! I Need more chokers in my life I swear!

7. Mesh Contrast Crop Top - SALE £10 Topshop
I really love this top because it is simple and the fabric is really soft and super comfortable. The price was only knocked down by £5, but the quality is so good and it looks good with a high-waisted skirt and any chain so I thought, why not. It was also the last one in the shop.

8. Leather Biker Jacket - £24.99 New Look
I really needed a new leather biker jacket so I just got a bargain faux leather one from New Looks teenager section haha. The women's one was i think £30 or £40. I preferred the style and price of this one though.

9.  Fishnet Contrast Crop Top - £7.99 T.K. Maxx

10. Vintage Jacquard Tapestry Two Piece (Crop Top + Skirt) - £4 Thrifted
This is a kind of love or hate thing - but i love it! It looks much better incorporated into my outfits. Since its getting colder I would probably wear it with my oversize blazer/fur coat, knee high socks and chunky boots.

11. Pleated Tartan Skirt - SALE £8 New Look
Seeing as i'm really keen on tartan, I needed some new colours rather than the usual red tartan. I did want it to be more green but oh well. The price was good so I took it anyway.

Last but not least... THE SHOES!!

12. JEFFREY CAMPBELL MEYERS LIGHT UP TRAINERS!! (Blk) - SALE Nasty Gal £24.62 (from £82!)
YES! My very first pair of JC's! I think these shoes are pretty god damn awesome!  And the price was just a-ma-zing! The patent leather, translucent sides and the lights on the front and side (with a button switch), that's just what I loved initially, and that's not even all. I can't wait to wear them!
13. Linzi CELESTE boots (Black Nappa) - £35 Linzi
After I spent the whole of August looking for a pair of really good JC Coltrane dupes, I finally found one! I have to say, although it is faux leather, the quality is definitely there. It has a good, thick semi-smooth leather feel to it and I LOVE the chunkiness! I'm so pleased.
Definitely one of my fave purchases. 

So that's all, and I hope you enjoyed this post in some way haha. Any questions about the post or items or just anything, drop them in the comments below and I'll answer them xx

Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Summer D.I.Y's + Creations (Shanice)

As some of you guys already know, I've been pretty busy during my endless summer doing lots of D.I.Y's. Simply because 1) I'M ADDICTED!! 2) Because it keeps me busy and I lurrrrv it.

I've had so many ideas on what to create. So I transferred them from my mind and onto some fabric. I'm gonna show you some of the seen and unseen finished products! Hope you like them as much as I do :) 
Make sure you go all the way down to the bottom because this is a huge post. 

#1 - I call this 'The Martian Crop Top'.
 Why? Because it's got a shiny silver leopard print fabric that has a sci-fi element to it. 
I was inspired to make this from this sequin crop top from Nasty Gal a couple months ago. Although I didn't get lots of sequins, I thought this shiny fabric was close enough.
I haven't worn this yet, but I would definitely tone it down with simple plain items seeing as it is such a statement already.
#2 - The 'Mars Dust Top'.
This was just a plain black jersey top from Primark that was gathering dust in my closet. 
HOW: I decided to reverse tie-dye it with a 2:1 bleach and water solution (not too much). Creating this red/orange tie-dye effect!
 I think it turned out pretty good for my first time, and its a great way to spice up any plain top.
-A tutorial may be available by voting in the comments-
#3 - 'Puffy Crew Neck Jumper'
This was made using a soft - slightly foamy - fabric, and my stretchy silver leopard print fabric. 
My inspiration was a similar one on Romwe with a galaxy print. But I wasn't willing to pay a lot of money so I made my own for £5 (fabric costs).
#4 - Cute 'Plaid Collar Crop Top'
This really cute creation was inspired by the movie Clueless and the 'Rogue Top' by Deandri, but the arm whole is more scooped in, and the collar is lower. Also with the back longer than the front 
I made this as a request from a close friend of mine. Made in a size Small.

#5 - My 'Plain Zip Front Pencil Skirt'
One of my favourite creations! I actually have worn this a lot, it goes perfect with my crop top obsession.
I already mentioned in my previous post (HERE) that this was inspired by a Nasty Gal skirt.
 I was intrigued by the diagonal zip so I made that the key detail. I also thought to add a belt cuz.. you know.. belts are awesome. 
-A tutorial may be available soon by voting in the comments-
#6 - 'Distressed Jeans'
This is pretty self explanatory. I added slits and shreds to my plain old blue skinny jeans. I really needed some distressed jeans, and did it to a pair of old jeans without sacrifice and digging into my savings. 
There are a couple techniques on how to get them done neatly or rough, BUT you could always just toss them to the Rottweiler down the street.
-A tutorial may be available soon by voting in the comments-
#7 - 'Swirl Print Pinafore Dress'
You most of you guys have probably seen this dress in a post before (HERE). But this took me ages!
I remember last wearing a pinafore in primary school, and the preppy look has come back again. I saw these everywhere and I needed one for myself seeing as I don't really wear dresses on a casual day.
I like them because it's super easy to put an outfit together, just adding a top, cute shoes and you're all set.

Thanks for checking out my post! Don't forget to vote in the comments for which of the 3 items you would like to see a tutorial on! (#2 or #5 or #6)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

No Swimming (Shanice)


Leather Mesh Top - Jessica Simpson line
Skirt - D.I.Y (inspired by Nasty Gal)
Shoes -  Sole Survivor
Clutch - Next

So this is one of my favourite skirts! Sometimes I can't believe I made it - and the belt!
My skirt was inspired by a skirt that I saw on Nasty Gal a few months back, I wasn't paying an insane price so I made something similar. Also this top was from this detachable Jessica Simpson dress I own. It can be worn as a dress, crop top or just a skirt so it pretty awesome.
These photos were from over a month ago when I went to my fave Thai restaurant. The great weather made that day even better.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shanice's Birthday Wishlist!

This is just a couple collections of things that i would like for my birthday or to buy. Its just basically the stuff I've been loving lately so it's a recent lusts post as well, showing the kind of things I'm interested in (for some of you that asked me).
22nd August is the date xx
(From left - right)
1. Bowler Hat 
2. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane (or any similar cut out boots)
3. Gold Chain (topshop)
4. Ghost Deep Night Purfume
5. Square Print Jeans (motel Rocks)
6. Printed backpack (O-Mighty)
7. Jeffrey Campbell Hiya Platform Sneakers
8. Beanie (ragged priest)
9. Biker Jacket (h&m)
(From Left - Right)
1. Black Platform Sneakers (h&m)
2. Pizza Print crop top (Forever 21)
3. Metallic Multicolored Chain (RI)
4. Chunky Gold Studs
5. Daisy Print Top
6. Cloud Print Sweater
7. Embroidery high waisted shorts
8. Vintage Round Sunglasses (Romwe)
9. Tiger Print Dress (Forever 21)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lost Tracks

Yvonne's Outfit:
Lion Top - The Mountain (ASOS)
Corduroy Shorts - American Apparel (ASOS)
Stockings - ASOS
Sunglasses - eBay
Customized DM's - eBay

Shanice's Outfit:
Pinafore Dress - D.I.Y'd by me
Fish Net Top - Market
Lion Chain - eBay
Shades - Cosmopolitan (Gift)
Boots - (Gift)

So guys, I really need to stop breaking promises about keeping regular posts - Cuz those promises shatter easier than fine China. But I am trying my best, I assure you.

Anyways on Saturday Yvonne and I went to central London to do some holiday (shopping for Yvonne), casual shopping and exploring before she traveled to Ghana on Monday. I'm gonna miss her! can you believe she's abandoning me for 3 WEEKS? Not fair!

Also the name of the post was just based on one of my many talents... Getting lost. I swear to god someone should really stop me. I get too brave when i'm going out, it's unbelievable. Key thing  - Never trust me with directions (for the time being).

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Class of 2008 - 2013 (Shanice)

At the end of the night, with my scroll 

Dress - Missguided (here)
Blazer - New Look
Heels - eBay
Clutch - Primark 
Gold Chain - Amazon
Earrings - Primark
Rings - H&M

My inspiration: Rihanna in Alexander Wang SS'13

So.. This is the outfit that I wore for my schools awards evening on Thursday. I was going for a 90's look with the Purple Lipstick, my Up-do, and the blazer. Along with my jewelry. 

I'm in love with missguided's clothing! Check them out here for soo many goodies @

The awards evening was really good! I loved the acts and talents shown on the night, everyone looked  so beautiful in their dresses, suits, etc, and I had a good time. It was a great way to end our 5 years together before we go our separate ways. I'm gonna miss secondary school in all honesty.

I am a little bummed at the fact that I couldn't take any pictures with Yvonne though arghhh!

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Don't Be Fooled (Shanice)

GAP Denim Jacket - Thrifted (D.I.Y - studs)
Oversized Vest - Next £2
Tights - New Look
Timberland Boots

This outfit is pretty simple and lazy actually. But I wanted to jazz up the - what I now call - ''Vest-Dress'' a little more by adding the tights and a bold colour with my Timberland's. 
I actually got my Timbs 4 years ago but never wore them... And now i'm starting to really dig them! You'll probably be seeing more of them in my outfits.
Yes I'm wearing shorts underneath..

Oh yh. And i'm gonna be sticking with my curly fro for a while, I feel it suits me much better!