Saturday, 13 July 2013

Class of 2008 - 2013 (Shanice)

At the end of the night, with my scroll 

Dress - Missguided (here)
Blazer - New Look
Heels - eBay
Clutch - Primark 
Gold Chain - Amazon
Earrings - Primark
Rings - H&M

My inspiration: Rihanna in Alexander Wang SS'13

So.. This is the outfit that I wore for my schools awards evening on Thursday. I was going for a 90's look with the Purple Lipstick, my Up-do, and the blazer. Along with my jewelry. 

I'm in love with missguided's clothing! Check them out here for soo many goodies @

The awards evening was really good! I loved the acts and talents shown on the night, everyone looked  so beautiful in their dresses, suits, etc, and I had a good time. It was a great way to end our 5 years together before we go our separate ways. I'm gonna miss secondary school in all honesty.

I am a little bummed at the fact that I couldn't take any pictures with Yvonne though arghhh!

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  1. Lorraine Crawford ;)13 July 2013 at 10:13

    Wow! your body looks great! You look absolutely stunning x

  2. Beautiful!

    May i ask, what make lipstick are you wearing + the shade?

    1. Doris Michaels 'Moisturizing Lipstick' in Color 'LP20'

      It's very good coverage and doesn't feel heavy on the lips, it's truly moisturizing. x

  3. Love how you've styled this dress! You look great! :) xo

  4. Wow! gorg
    really lovin the heels? can i have a link, if its ok

    btw are they hard to walk in?


      Nope not at all! They're easy, i didn't struggle at all.
      I'm not that much of a heel wearer but i'm pretty good with 'em. Even for first timers it's alright cuz the platform evens out the gradient/ arch

  5. Thanks for showing me this shop! i've bought seven items from Missguided today! i'm planning on buying more over the next week! xxx

    looking lovely btw

    1. no problem girl :)
      yh their stuff is awesome! but don't go too crazy haha

      and thanks! xx


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