Saturday, 28 September 2013

Late Birthday Haul (Shanice)

This is really late... its been like a few days over a month since my birthday and I only now just came to pulling together this birthday haul post. Its just some of the gifts and stuff I bought with my birthday-dough that some people have asked me to share so here it is.
Any questions comment them below!

..and I did get these lovely perfume and body spray sets too and a bracelet that Yvonne got custom made for me which I forgot to include in the pictures. Sorry! 

1. Stretchy Gold Chain Belt - £4.99 New Look (I made it much smaller though)
I was silly and got the completely wrong size (M/L) so I had to sew and cut off about 10 inches or more. But I am literally IN LOVE with this belt! It really adds so much to my outfits. If you go to New Look check out this belt!

2. Daisy Chain Bracelet - SALE £2.50 Topshop

3. Silver Triangle Necklace - SALE £3 River Island

4. 3 Lion Head Gold Chain - eBay £10 (here)
I'm actually pretty happy that i bought this necklace, it's a great statement necklace and its a close dupe of Versace!. I'm going to be careful on how much I wear this as it's not real gold, it will eventually change colour if I wear it too much which sucks.

5.  Mood Stud Earrings - SALE £3.50 Topshop

6. Black Choker Chain - SALE £2 River Island 
I actually wear this almost everyday! I Need more chokers in my life I swear!

7. Mesh Contrast Crop Top - SALE £10 Topshop
I really love this top because it is simple and the fabric is really soft and super comfortable. The price was only knocked down by £5, but the quality is so good and it looks good with a high-waisted skirt and any chain so I thought, why not. It was also the last one in the shop.

8. Leather Biker Jacket - £24.99 New Look
I really needed a new leather biker jacket so I just got a bargain faux leather one from New Looks teenager section haha. The women's one was i think £30 or £40. I preferred the style and price of this one though.

9.  Fishnet Contrast Crop Top - £7.99 T.K. Maxx

10. Vintage Jacquard Tapestry Two Piece (Crop Top + Skirt) - £4 Thrifted
This is a kind of love or hate thing - but i love it! It looks much better incorporated into my outfits. Since its getting colder I would probably wear it with my oversize blazer/fur coat, knee high socks and chunky boots.

11. Pleated Tartan Skirt - SALE £8 New Look
Seeing as i'm really keen on tartan, I needed some new colours rather than the usual red tartan. I did want it to be more green but oh well. The price was good so I took it anyway.

Last but not least... THE SHOES!!

12. JEFFREY CAMPBELL MEYERS LIGHT UP TRAINERS!! (Blk) - SALE Nasty Gal £24.62 (from £82!)
YES! My very first pair of JC's! I think these shoes are pretty god damn awesome!  And the price was just a-ma-zing! The patent leather, translucent sides and the lights on the front and side (with a button switch), that's just what I loved initially, and that's not even all. I can't wait to wear them!
13. Linzi CELESTE boots (Black Nappa) - £35 Linzi
After I spent the whole of August looking for a pair of really good JC Coltrane dupes, I finally found one! I have to say, although it is faux leather, the quality is definitely there. It has a good, thick semi-smooth leather feel to it and I LOVE the chunkiness! I'm so pleased.
Definitely one of my fave purchases. 

So that's all, and I hope you enjoyed this post in some way haha. Any questions about the post or items or just anything, drop them in the comments below and I'll answer them xx


  1. Wow! how much money did you get for your birthday? :O
    Yours style is awesome

    1. little Over £200... don't exactly remember the price.
      and thanks :)

  2. omg i want those tops so bad! and the shoes!
    Too bad i'm always broke :(

    1. I'm surprised that I even found them to be frank

    2. and something better always comes along later on so even if you can't get something now, you might find something better later :)

  3. Your stuff is so dope!
    you copped up some good stuff
    and i'm in love with those shoes!

  4. Would you mind doing a review sorta post on your blog. just talking about the features and qualities more in detail?
    There's hardly any on the internet which sucks :(

    Awesome stuff btw

    1. Hmmm yeah that would be a good idea, i may consider it :)
      But it is seeming pretty long atm haha. I'll try my best! xx


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