Friday, 1 November 2013

Sent from Mars for Hallloween (Shanice)

Metallic Leopard Print Two Piece - D.I.Y
Dragon Ear Cuff - eBay £2
Baseball Socks - Topshop
Trainers - Air Force 1's
Face Gems / Bindi's - Queens Market

SO you've probably guessed that I'm a martian/ alien along the lines of Star Wars or some sort of Sci-Fi series/ film - It was supposed to be obvious. And this is what I wore when I landed at a party.
It was funny how people in the area were staring at me, but yeah whatever haha.

To complete the whole shiny alien theme I decided to add the ear cuff that looked pretty similar to some sort of space junk and little Asian bindi's, I think it looked pretty cute. I thought that my attempt of the winged eye liner was effective for the look as well.

But I had tonnes of fun last night, it was my first Halloween party, definitely wanna do it again next year


  1. this is like a sporty martian outfit! You make everything look so cool!

    I so wanna do this next year xx

  2. found you on tumblr, you look super cool!
    pretty hair colour :)


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