Monday, 10 June 2013


Blazer - Vintage
Top - Ebay
Skirt - Motel
Chain - Ebay
Shoes - Vintage

Blazer - Vintage
Yankeez Tee - NYC
Newsprint Skirt - D.I.Y'd
Hold-Up Stockings - Primark
London Rebel Platform Flats - T.K. Maxx £20 (on sale)

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Well damn it has been YONKS since we've done a joint post together. That's what I like to call ''The Exams Effect'' - When you don't have that much time to do the things you usually do and love doing, due to the fact that revision can consume you and your time.

But on Saturday, we took a day out to do a bit of shopping around, and evidently we came back with nothing. All we bought was a snack from the Churro stand haha. But oh wells.. we had a blast so ain't nothing wrong with that right?

Also Yvonne and I are going to the East End Thrift Store on Saturday 15th Early for the pound store sale. So if any of y'all are going, it'll be awesome to meet some new people, we might do a street style post and YOU could be in it!
(By Shanice)


  1. You guys look AMAZING!
    Who edited the pics, they look really good. ya did a good job! ;D xx

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      I love editing, it's pretty fun finding cool effects to try out. (shanice xx)

  2. omg i wanna gooo!
    how do i get there??

    1. More info about the event here:

  3. lol shanice in one of the pictures it looks like your bending down to take a piss :)

  4. LOVE IT!!
    Shanice, where did you get all of yur accessories from? and how much? xx

    1. thanks!
      cross = Urban Outfitters, on sale for £8 (old)
      - gold chain = ebay, £13 with change
      Earrings = New Look (old)
      my head scarf is actually my mums, and the shades are converse and i got them from my dad. I just pinched it for a while ;)

  5. omg shanice i luv you!!
    you're my inspiration x

    -Your biggest fan in sunny California. Macey xx ;)

  6. I'm loving the style!
    super cool :)


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