Tuesday, 9 April 2013

T-Shirts (Shanice)

American Flag Beanie - $2 New York
T-Shirt - D.I.Yd
Lee Jeans - £18 Vintage Store
Nike Air Forces - £40 JD Sports

That was the first shirt that I made which was a tester, a prototype.

So here's two other designs I've made recently and more patterns are on their way. There's loads of leopard print ones.
 And because i'm not perfect the shapes will not all be exactly the same, just a little disclaimer.
Oh yh and i'll be doing different designs later on. But i'll just stick with this for now.

But I am selling them for £5 each, so if you're interested, email me! gruntagebaby@gmail.com
or facebook me, if you have me.


  1. so cute! love the prints on your tee they are so cool!


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