Thursday, 4 April 2013


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Denim Jacket - thrifted, 
Top - Urban Outfitters, 
Skirt - River Island, 
Shoes - Dr Martens, 
Chain - eBay

Rocawear Denim Jacket - £3 Thrifted
Shirt - D.I.Y
Plaid Skirt - NYC
Dr. Martens - NYC

Hmm...For some reason the wind decided to all of a sudden attack my skirt while we were taking the pictures.  Wonderful right?

So on Monday Yvonne and I went on a trek down to
The East End Thrift Store! We've heard so much about it so we just had to see what all the hype was about. You won't believe how many fur coats and checked shirts they had!

We got the all you can fit £20 bag. So after all that stuffing, the items that we managed to cram in were 2 fur coats (for me) and Yvonne got yet another denim jacket, a flannel shirt, and something else I cannot remember. haha

Welcome to our new blog! We hope y'all enjoy it xx
(By Shanice)


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